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Calicut International Airport

Calicut International Airport

Calicut International Airport is situated in Karipur, Kerala and hence also known as the Karipur Airport. It primarily serves the cities of Kozhikode and Malappuram in Kerala and is the 3rd busiest airport in Kerala. It saw an annual traffic of 2.2 million in 2013, which had grown at a rate of 7%. Calicut Airport Advertising provides visibility at the primary commercial capital of Kerala. The airport is one of the latest airports which saw an upgrade in their infrastructure.

About Calicut

Calicut has historically been associated with trade. It was known as the “City of Spices” during the ancient times and the middle ages, since it was a major trade point of spices. It is situated in the Malabar Coast in Kerala and is the 3rd largest city in Kerala. Advertising at its airport is advertising before audiences entering a metropolitan area which is the 2nd largest in Kerala. Renowned travelers and merchants of the time have mentioned Calicut as a major port where traders from all parts of the world could be found.


The 2011 census put the metropolitan population of Calicut at 2,030,519. Due to it being a port city, the demography of Calicut comprises of people from different ethnicities and places. Calicut Advertising can be used to target various audience categories as per the requirements of your brand. Due to the presence of audiences with roots outside the country and international visitors, the airport of Calicut is ideal for global branding solutions.


The economy of Calicut is primarily driven by businesses. The excellent transportation facilities in Calicut ensure that the business functions can be run smoothly and efficiently. The place also saw the setting up of several Shopping Malls driving up sales. Since it is the main commercial city of Kerala, visibility at Calicut is vital if you have operations in South India.

Future Opportunities

Several projects like Birla IT Park, cyber parks, satellite parks and industrial parks are set to further increase the rate of business activities in Cochin. It is set become a major IT hub of Kerala.

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