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Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport is a major airport in the city of Cochin in Kerala. With an annual traffic of 4.7 million total travelers, growing at a rate of 8%, Cochin Airport is the one of the busiest airports in India. In terms of international travelers, it is the 4th busiest in India. Cochin Airport Advertising provides the wonderful opportunity of impressing international audiences travelling to the beautiful state of Kerala, thereby allowing Global Branding. It is also used to gain visibility before the key decision makers in the major industries flourishing in Kerala.

About Cochin

Cochin, also called Kochi, is a port city in Kerala. It falls in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, and is also used to refer to the mainland of the district. Cochin is an important Tier II city of India. It is home to a major population of NRIs and is also the 6th best tourist destination in India as noted by the Outlook Traveller Magazine, pulling in the highest number of international and domestic tourists. With its wonderful climate and scenic coastal areas, Cochin is one of the top holiday destinations in India. It is one of the fastest developing Tier II cities of the country.


As per the census of 2011, Cochin had the highest population density with 6340 people per square km. The total population was recorded at 601,574. The literacy rate of Cochin is 97.5% - one of the highest among cities in India. The gap in literacy between males and females is just 1.1%, making way for some of the most educated audience sections. All the major communities of South and West India, including Tamils, Gujaratis, Jews, Anglo-Indians, Sikhs, Konkanis and Tullus, are found in Cochin. Thus, visibility before audiences in Cochin translates as visibility before audiences of South India and West India.


Cochin is known as the commercial capital of India. With the state’s only stock exchange in Cochin, it is the hub of industrial and economic activities. The major industries operating at Cochin include tourism, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, transportation, seafood, chemical industries, IT, and banking. Cochin is one of the 17 major industrial cities in India as recognized by the World Bank. The industries have the optimum environment to flourish here as uninterrupted power supply, excellent banking services, fresh water, sea port and an international airport are available.

Future Opportunities

According to a study done by McKinsey Global Institute, by the year 2025, Cochin will contribute 50% to the world GDP. Go for Advertising at the Cochin Airport for branding at a place that is set to see industrial and commercial activities at the highest levels. Its soaring popularity as a destination for spiritual & health tourism all over the world is another reason for your brand to label its presence here.

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