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The Importance of the Integration of OOH & Internet

The OOH or the Outdoor Advertising platform is the oldest form of Advertising. It started with the Greeks making wall posters out of papyrus (an early paper like material) to pitch their commercial and political messages. This can be noted as the first kind of the modern OOH Hoardings which we see today. Along the way, many other forms of advertising, most notably newspapers, TV, and radio, also made their presence felt. However, it is only with the boom of the internet and the formation of the platform of online advertising that OOH has a genuine opportunity of a mutually beneficial integration.The campaign reiterated the airport media’s success in being the most popular promotional platform for the automobile sector.

Experimental Outdoor Advertising campaigns, which utilized integration with the internet platform, have proven highly successful in all parts of the world. The use, of both the platforms in the same campaign, has revolutionized the method of branding practices. Larger than life hoardings catch the attention of the audiences. This is then followed by establishing a connection to the email address or any other digital point frequented by the user. An immediate relationship begins with the user in most cases as the modern user is always connected to the internet through his handset. The OOH ads can thus be ideated in such a manner that they expect an immediate response from the audience to be continued through the internet. This is a facility which never existed for the Outdoor platform. The online platform also benefits from the initial impact which can be created only through the OOH platform. An online user, who submits his email address or any other point of online connection on his own, is a much more responsive (hence more valuable) target. Any online advertiser would prefer such a user over the others to whom mass emails have been sent.

The reason, the Outdoor Media still remains the most appropriate platform for creating the initial impact, is that it has the power of a larger-than-life visual display. However, in terms of forming long term and one to one communications with the user, the online platform has the upper hand. OOH integration with the online media dissolves the shortcomings of both the media and combines their strong points to achieve unprecedented impact. OOH Agencies throughout the world have already started the steps for integration of the two. Even countries, where the process for digitization has to go through immense hurdles, the media owners are hopeful. In this regard, Mr. Hiyav Bajaj, M.D. of TDI International India (P) Limited, the first agency to bring airport advertising to India, says, “The Outdoor Medium has the unique opportunity to increase the scope of advertising by bringing two of the top 2 platforms together. We are ready to take the necessary steps to see that integration of the OOH and internet media becomes a reality in India”.

The integration of OOH and Internet is set to bring revolutionary changes to the way brands target audiences. It is being hoped that the accuracy gets a boast too as target groups will themselves come into the fray. The formation of long term relationships will also benefit the brands. Another major help, which the OOH platform will have from this integration, is its search, for a more reliable way of measuring the performance of the campaigns, will end. Outdoor Advertising has always welcomed the upgrades in technology with open arms. Digitization and integration with the internet platform are set to be the biggest changes which the medium has ever undergone.