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7 convincing reasons for investing on airport advertising

By admin 0 Comment July 2, 2020

Summary: Airport provides an environment like no other. It is always bustling with activities and the air travelers pay heed to everything advertised in and around airports.

Airport advertising is offline marketing but a great idea for every business including small and medium businesses that have so far distanced themselves from marketing in and around airdrome for fear of increasing cost and low return.

Marketing businesses in and around an airdrome is beneficial and there are many reasons to believe so. An airport advertising company will take the responsibility of choosing the right location and determining the right size of the ad-display for your company. And you will see quick results in the form of website visits, footfall and phone leads.

Here’s how advertising in and around airports works

1. Air travelers are more receptive and excited

Excited about their journey, the air travelers are always in a positive mindset that is ready to welcome messages and see things from business perspective. They pay attention to every billboard placed on the way to airports and determine how the businesses promoted are beneficial for them.

2. Advertising that delivers with minimum wastage

A large part of air passengers are business travelers that see shopping as part of their daily activities. And they keep shopping even at airports. For example, people can be seen buying goods from duty-free shops that offer high-quality products of daily uses at a discounted price. For advertising, airports are like big shopping malls and billboards are windows for shopping.

3. Air travelers are decision makers

People that can pay a high price for air travel are always decision makers in their homes, businesses and professional lives. And they know what is good for them and how to take advantage of brands. They see advertisements to know more about new businesses and for this reason, brands advertised in and around airports always have high sales.

4. Airport style advertising

Brands can connect their products and services to air travelers in creative ways. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that airdrome marketing has a unique style. Travelers can be offered luxurious accommodations, digital gadgets and many things. Brands can think of different ways to link their products/services with the air travel industry.

5. It is unmissable

Air travelers spend some time at airdromes before boarding their flights. It can be said that they are in relaxed mode and ready to receive business offers. And what they do while waiting for the announcement to board their flights is to see the advertisements.

6. Maximum views

Every air traveler sees advertisements. People going by air don’t want to miss anything that can be in any way beneficial for their personal, professional or business life. They want to take advantage of everything offered and want to make most of their time and money.

7. Maximum return

Investment on airport advertising gives high returns that can be over 100% during peak season like festival and marriages. Businesses that value marketing more than budget are always present in and around airports.

You can talk to an airport advertising agency about cost of marketing and calculate the return before jumping to a conclusion. Another important factor in airdrome marketing is the quality of display ads. Impressive ads can get quick views and drive quick sales.

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