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Airport Rules for Flyers during Lockdown 4.0

By admin 0 Comment May 23, 2020

A big sigh of relief for all those for are stuck and looking forward to fly. As the lockdown 4.0 comes with little flexibility because airports have started the operations, but in this critical situation how can somebody travel safe?

Definitely the condition is grave and critical but life goes on. Hence by following preventive measures one can easily expect to reach their desired destination. Nonetheless, airports are doing their best in securing the passengers.

How is my safety enacted by the airports?

The authorized and desired marked areas such as circle, square or tensor barrier are prescribed for the passengers to ensure that the social distancing is maintained. And by adhering to the baggage limitation where only one check-in bag and cabin bag is permitted for the flyers. The basic standards and measures are drafted.

What is essential information and details which I need to know before boarding the plane amidst Covid 19?

It is recommended to have Arogaya Setu app on your mobile phones which gives the ideas about the vulnerability of having Covid 19, where the self-declaration certifies the health status of the passenger. Elderly, pregnant ladies, and patients with ailments are restricted to travel at this time.

How will I go through my security check in formalities at airport?

With the provision of minimal or almost no contact there are changes in the processes of check in. wherein after collecting the boarding pass from the airport’s desk one needs to download their baggage identification number and in other case a PNR number will also work which must be attached with the bag. An important point to note here is that boarding pass gets issued only if the self-declaration form gets approved.

Wearing of mask is compulsory before entering the terminal. And it’s required to wear the mask throughout the journey whereas at the entrance gate thermal screening is provided to have a check at the passenger’s temperature. And it’s suggested to reach the airport well in advance than usual.

Passenger is required to show his/her identity card to the CISF Staff at the entry gate. The directions will be given for security check in where the passengers are requested to cooperate with the officials and staffs of the airport.

Punishable Act

Becomes liable for penal action, if the passenger who is affected from Covid 19 or serves as defaulter in following the rules.

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