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Clarifying the difference between Advertising and Branding

By admin 0 Comment April 8, 2020

Advertising and branding are the most commonly used words. But they differ in their meaning and perspective and it’s essential for businesses who are looking forward towards advertising and striving to reach the peak of success through promotion, to know about these terms.

The two words are most often used interchangeably. But they differ in the meaning as they are not the same. However, understanding the difference between two terminologies helps in gaining promotional effectiveness and provides insights on its mechanism and approach.


Thus initiating with simplifying the differences, branding is the identity of the product or service which differentiates itself from other competitors. It speaks about the uniqueness and values of the organization. Thus it needs to be exceptional from the others in order to stand out from the market.

It defines you and creates the difference from the others, it’s the internal processing of the business. Which explains the thought process of the organization. Thus in short branding explains who you are?

Therefore, without knowing who you are? You cannot communicate yourself. Thus it’s the first step towards OOH advertising. As simply advertising doesn’t provide the responsiveness but it’s the unique brand identity and message which captivates and attracts the consumers.

Therefore draw the attention intensively and instill the inspiration in team and consumers likely. So, branding usually pertains to color of the brand, the logo, tagline, fonts, colors, scheme, etc. And this how they create an impression and persona in the minds of the consumers.

For instance there are tons of brands available in mobile phones, they all focus on different ideas and notions. They are not similar from each other. Their logo and slogan vary and this how a brand gets defined.


Now advertising differs from the other. Advertising is simply creating ads, and asking the third party who is efficient in the domain to promote the particular product or service.

Thus advertising is a term which gets used more often on TV, digital platforms, print, radio and mailers, etc. It is a broader perspective, where advertising is how your brand gets perceived through generating ads by the third party.

They are objective oriented to drive the sales and imparts towards managing strategy and campaigns to reach the target audience. Advertising assists in brand awareness.

Summing Up

By co relating the terms marketing do comes into picture which is a broader hemisphere to things. They might seem confusing at the beginning but when applied practically they bear the substantial results. Marketing is all about communication, positioning and featuring the product to different platforms and dimensions. Moreover, marketing is all about sensing needs of the consumers and acting in the right direction.

Therefore, through varied usage of application these words are vital to be known for the growth of business. Hence attain the habit of using the right words and terminology in order to act in the required and correct direction. Thus next time when you listen these words ponder over these information.

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