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How Airport Advertising Will Enhance the Popularity of your Business?

By admin 0 Comment April 20, 2019

Is Airport Advertising An Ideal Option for Startups?

Outline– According to a research over 70% of business travellers rate airport advertising as the best option for popularizing international brands. Moreover, a case study claims that approx. 90% of passengers are attracted to airport advertisements. Around 75% of the airport travellers give time to check out the advertisement messages being displayed in their close proximity.

Airport advertising is becoming one of the highly popular ways to reach the affluent class. The advancement in technology and changing travelling trends of people encourage advertisers to include airport advertising in their marketing strategies. You will be amazed to know that over 91 million Indian passengers travel through airplane. This increases the chances sales through creatively advertised products and services.

Airports are undoubtedly the best place to spread the word about your offers. It offers a number of innovations to attract the ‘eyeballs’ of the potential audience. The degree of responsiveness of the airport audiences is higher comparatively. This is indeed one of the greatest advantages for Companies (especially start-ups) looking forward to fast growth of their business.

Read on to know about the factors those make Airport advertising an ideal option for popularizing a product/service-


  • Target a specific group easily – Airport audience mostly belongs to the affluent group. They have the tendency to spend more and this makes the situation quite favorable for the business owners.


    • Huge number of potential audience – There are huge footfalls at the airports throughout the day. Advertisers have a great opportunity of reaching out to a great number of audiences every day.
    • Multiple options to captivate attention of audience – The airport audiences can be easily captivated, given your message is displayed creatively. However, it isn’t an easy task to come up with unique ideas to grab the attention of your audience, but an expert can best help you here.
    • High retention rate – Long waiting time at the airport results in repetitive views of the advertisements displayed at the place. This means your campaign will stay longer in the minds of your target audience.
    • Targeting international travellers – This is extremely beneficial for the Companies looking forward to build a strong foothold in the foreign market. Just be sure the marketing is done the right way. Attracting international customers is quite easy with Airport advertising.


  • High brand recognition – Airport advertising is undoubtedly an innovative way to spread awareness about your product/service among the affluent class. Your brand will gain more visibility in a short period.
  • Availability of enough space for big banners– Big banners obviously attracts more audience. This is one the main reasons for increasing popularity of out of home advertising among small as well big business owners. Reaching the target market is easier with giant glowing airport billboards.


Airports have the highest passenger traffic, making them one of highly preferred places for advertisements. Be sure you have a professional expert by your side who can best guide you with airport advertising.

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