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How has Coronavirus impacted lives?

By admin 0 Comment May 5, 2020

In the adverse condition of coronavirus pandemic, we seem to lose hope, sitting at home assessing the extent of havoc the virus has created, takes our breadth away but if we view at the other side of it we are getting to spend time with our family members, and there’s lot of me time and alone time.

Thus let’s find about the various dimensions of life

Social Life

Maintaining social distance is the only option left. And likely we get to lead life on simple terms by avoiding the travel plans, going for dining, facing the busy markets, its real retreat to our soul and nature in general. It’s the time when people are taking utmost care of themselves and their family.

Learning the basic hygiene standards, we have learnt to cooperate. Mankind wins over religious discrimination, political fights and geographical boundaries. The world comes to consensus where the emotion of “we” prevails over the selfishness.

Every group of people has their own struggle to define, the video conferencing, e-mails, chats has dominated the world and seems to be the only platform to connect and socialize with near and dear ones.

Public Life

The ultimate way to escape from the pandemic is the usage of masks, where the mask can be of cotton cloth, or home made one where the risk of transmission reduces to minimal. And maintaining the distance of six feet is advised for protecting the population in general and the nurses who are operating at the hospital.

Earlier the emphasis of wearing the mask was only on the people who were treating the sick ones but noticing the situation. By the government of India has announced wearing of masks as necessary and mandatory whereas the N95 masks and surgical masks is only recommended to those who are frontline healthcare workers.

Point of Consideration

And in this distress time, patients of depression, sadness and anxiety can have lasting impact on their minds. Hence taking care of these patients becomes necessary.

Maintaining the balance of mind and life is curial in fighting with this global pandemic. Therefore, follow practices which can sooth and ease the mind. And it’s the respiratory system which gets affected the most herein. So you really require healthy lungs to survive.

Future Ahead

The procedure of vaccines seems to go through a longer process as it requires series of clinical trials to undergo. In order to check its efficacy and effectiveness on masses, vaccine is expected to take time.


Just be very particular of the information and news you listen, as thousands of news articles gets published in the name of Coronavirus. Hence always check for the graded and authentic sources before believing in the news of virus. And refrain yourselves from believing in the rumors.

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