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Preventive Measures for Novel Coronavirus

By admin 0 Comment April 27, 2020

After the world facing a biggest hit and outbreak of the pandemic disease, Coronavirus or Covid 19 the huge risk and turmoil of its widespread has affected the economy across the globe.

Shaking the very stability of normal life, the impact of it can be sensed everywhere. Thus in order to beat the virus, there are measure which provides the strength to the individuals in dealing with this intense problem.

Every mechanized steps recommended here are suggested after closely examining the nature of virus. As the cases of coronavirus are not directly assessable it has the tendency to infect others while a person himself/herself doesn’t know about it. Therefore, an extra effort and activeness is required.

Here are the ways to deal with Novel Coronavirus and let’s go for in-depth understanding of the things in detail.

Maintaining social distance is the key to survival which has been the slogans at every social media platform. As we say it prevention is better than cure gets sufficiently justified here. In order to reduce the number of cases and break the chain, maintaining a distance of 1 meter stands valid. Thereby avoid mass gathering.

Adhering to the health standards by maintaining hygiene is foremost which can be done by washing hands frequently from soap. Sanitizer which has the base of at least 60% alcohol is also recommended but if you don’t have one, soap serves the purpose.

Wearing of masks happens to be the best measures to protect yourselves from the infection as it refrains the contact of hands on your mouth and nose. The two organs are considered to be the most vulnerable ones for getting infected with the virus. Additionally, cover your mouth while sneezing and throw the used scrap in the desired bin.

The tendency and its impact on every individual varies in some of the cases they experience a mild fever but in many instances patient goes through a severe condition. Thus it’s suggested to improve your immunity in order to fight with the condition.

Avoid touching the objects at the market place as it might be risky. And after having the vegetable or anything from outside make sure your wash them and sanitize it.

Through sincere efforts overcoming the situation becomes smooth. As the respiratory system gets affected the most, practicing the yoga and meditation can be prove to be wondrous in dealing the problem.

And if the three conditions which are cold, fever and breathing issues prevails. Contact the prescribed number within no time as a conscious and channelized approach protects your family and community. Standing in unison and acting smartly is the solution to the biggest challenge which a mankind is facing currently.

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