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Pros and Cons of Various types of OOH Advertising

By admin 0 Comment April 10, 2020

OOH advertising has endless opportunities and types but all of them differ in approach and results. What might be suitable for one organization might not be feasible to another. Hence assess the end results and do a proper reasoning while choosing a particular OOH advertisement.

Display Advertising

Display advertising providing a feel and touch effect on minds as it is impactful and enticing. And it’s difficult to miss the look of such advertisements, because of its placement at point of purchase desk and a business must showcase interest in the same.

It initiates the buyer for last minute purchase wherein without much efforts one is able to generate immediate sales by creating a sense of stimulus to buy the product.

Con: But there comes a disadvantage with this technique of marketing that one cannot keep a huge product or bulk ones for shopping instead some simple feasible things can be only used here.

Transit Advertising

Commuting through buses and trains is a daily and frequent chores for many Indians hence advertising on metro stations, buses, airports while they are in transit going from one destination to another leads to a good reason for brand promotion. Which enhances the mass reach and advances towards massive scale advertising due to the intensity of these transporting mediums usage. Thus without a doubt this form of advertising is profitable and graceful.

Guerilla Advertising

It is one of the most interesting and highly creative ads. As with the existing product the association or link of something extraordinary character or graphics is done which makes the product fun to view at. This involves a high set of skills and innovation.

Con: And it may not seem relevant to all the businesses, as they would not like to risk the advertising campaign by trying an all new concept of product positioning.


Choosing bridge to advertise is one of the best forms of outdoor advertising. As they leverage the opportunity to connect with the audience while they are driving. Hence choosing one of the busiest bridge of the town is highly gainful.

Con: While a non-busy bridge or one which is on highway will not bear the same result which a main city bridge hoarding will do.

Lamp Post

A lamp post banner advertising is not every common amongst folks, but they do account to sight and attention while waiting at the traffic signal. Where waiting and viewing at the hoardings and banners is a common phenomenon for almost everyone.

Construction Advertising

All of us have noticed such kinds of advertisement wherein at the construction sites of roads, bridges, the protective barriers have the placement of ads. And they seem superbly useful as advertising can be done by easily occupying the space.

Con: Not all brands and company can obtain the benefits from it instead something related to construction more aptly suites this advertising podium. Moreover, the locals and authoritarians advocates on the placement of advertisements at such sites.

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