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Regulations for Airport Security

By admin 0 Comment May 25, 2020

Travelling amidst coronavirus, especially when the cases are shooting every day is a concern. As the travelers have the compulsory need to do it. But to protect themselves is a prior query.

Henceforth, following norms have been formulated for the travelers, by taking into account the predicament of the passengers.

Steps to be adhered for airport premises

-Not only for the security check-ins but at the security hold area the prescribed directions must be applied. Thus at the security hold area, a social distance must be maintained.

-And the chairs which are marked “not for use” must not get used furthermore, while going through the retail outlets a minimum distance must get used where the use of sanitizer must be done while entering the shop.

-For maintaining the hygienic environment passenger must use the yellow disposable bin, for disposing of the bio hazardous material such as gloves, masks, tissues, etc.

-While going for the boarding queue an adequate distance has to get maintained before boarding at the plane.

Just the simple steps and you get rid of the fears of transmission. As proceeding in the right direction by following adhered steps is the key to safe and happy journey.

Provision of Safety Kit

And especially for the passengers the provision of safety kit is done which can be collected from the boarding gate which constitutes of three layered surgical masks and sanitizer. And with this initiate a face to face communication gets restricted.

Changed Rules of the Flight

By considering the present situation there are probable changes which has been done.

-Passengers must prefer for minimal use of toilets and they must avoid unnecessary movements in the aisle. Whereas queuing at the toiled it restricted.

-For maintaining the lesser human contact the serving of meals at the flight is not allowed. Even the eatable are not allowed to consume during the flights.

-The availability of water bottles is done at the gallery. Likely there is no availability of newspaper and magazines even the sale of any merchandise are also prohibited.

-And in case of emergency, where the restlessness in the respiratory system, fatigue, uncomfortable and distress occurs, the passengers can directly connect with the crew members.

-And likewise at the arrival same kinds of social distancing must be followed in order to maintain the coherence and consistency in the processing.

With the best of interest, these measures are prescribed for the wellbeing of the flyers and attendants. And for the successful execution of the things airport authority expects the cooperation from its fellow passengers.

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