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TDIINDIA Thanking our Corona Warriors

By admin 0 Comment April 28, 2020

Coronavirus might not be the war of ammunitions and power, but the nation struggles with the intensity of microbes. And this time it’s not our soldiers fighting at the battle ground but the Corona Warriors who are doctors, nurses, police authorities, government officials, media persons, the carriers of essential goods, hygiene workers who are constantly putting their efforts dedicatedly to fight with the situation.

Thus TDI India salutes to these warriors and appreciates the pain they are taking for the nation. Beyond the limitation of working hours and pay packages the sheer conviction of nationality, kindness, caring and loving attitude of the warriors is impeccable and commendable. Showcasing the humbleness and righteousness of the duty they hold an inspiration for everyone.

Without the identity and tagline these unsung heroes are recognized by all of us and we mark the highest respect and recognition to them. Handling the criticality of the scene with selfless attitude is the resemblance and epitome of duty and responsibility.

Breaking the shackles of fear the effectiveness shown by the doctors and nurses in treating the patient and likely counselling them they are serving the patients with utmost sincerity. On the other line the police officials are continuously on charge to have a check on the social distancing and regulation of lockdown. Defeating the odds of weather and time their alertness and promptness is sight of true professionalism.

Considering the health and hygiene workers who belongs to the economical section of the society are not giving a though before cleaning our cities and communities. Such synchronicity and conviction from the respective areas of fields makes us rethink every time we even think of going out of our homes.

Our government authorities and ministries and doing their best to mitigate with the measures by referring to the conditions which rest of the world is facing. Strategizing and monitoring by maintaining transparency they are doing their best for the various sections of people by advancing monetary assistances, rules, etc.

And yes how can we overlook the media personnel who are not leaving any stone unturned in highlighting the matter and informing us about all the data and information. Well, the list goes on there are many sectors which are functioning for the welfare of millions out there.

Thus by taking into account the actions and sensitizing the work of each department we sincerely thank our corona warriors for supporting us in such a draconian situation.

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