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What do fliers think about airport advertising? | Official Blog TDI India- Airport Advertising

What do fliers think about airport advertising?

By admin 0 Comment April 2, 2020

Airport Advertising is all about being seen at the vulnerable spots of airport. Thus let’s find out how fliers react to the advertisements when they capture a sight while passing through the airport.

For advertisers who are constantly investing in or thinking to go for airport advisement, they might have a genuine question on airport advertising effectiveness and how do audience reacts to it?

Henceforth to glimpse a picture on the above concern, this article sufficiently throws light on the aspects of airport advertising wherein we are highlighting that how a consumer behaves and responds after going through the ads, banners, hoardings etc. at the airport.

The First Impression

A ratio says that 80% of the passersby lay focus on what they see. And they do intend to visit the website and enquire about the product, services and its offering. And after visualizing the ads they also look forward towards moving around the store.

As per the norms and requirement a lot of passengers have to wait at the lounge before boarding the plane. Hence this is the time when they are not actually involved in something serious. Thus the blank space of the mind can be easily occupied through flashy and big hoardings.

And they open up a chance of final purchasing call especially in the case of restaurants, food, beverages, travel accessories, clothing, etc. And the passengers have confessed that many a times after seeing the ads and its interesting facts they have searched about the brand online by visiting the website. Hence it’s the airport advertising company which does assist in driving instant benefits and prospects to the businesses.

And at such instance the extra goodies is a fantastic way to boost the sales where the travel reward credits is a way out to it. A casual look with unintended gaining of information does triggers the sense of curiosity and inquisitives in the passersby.

Brand Receptivity

The ads play an exciting role as it plays in the flash back memory. Many a times we see a lot of things and hardly do we concentrate on it. But when our consciousness is at peak or when we are looking forward to something of a similar kind that particular advertisement which we saw in the past at the particular airport plays a significant role in the purchasing decision.

Therefore, these ads never go out of use or worthless, as they stay in the minds of the passengers and instantly appear when they really require the product or service, hence everything you do for airport advertising pays off in the long run.

Audience? What type of audience do you really capture at the airports is an important question? It is these business travelers who are on frequent trips where the constant seeing of the ads dedicatedly leaves the impact on them. However seeing an ad on airport changes the brand perception where an organization builds the brand reputation and trust in the respective brand.


An airport advertising brings about more pros than cons.

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