Why Advertise at DMRC

Advertising in metro rail offers unique opportunity to tap huge middle & upper middle class income group of the city.

• Vast Reach

  • Most effective way to capture the masses on the move
  • Around 30 Lakh people commute daily by Delhi Metro
  • 296 km of operational network, covering major commercial and residential locations across NCR

• Captive Audience and High Brand Recall

  • Consumer are continuously surrounded by the brand
  • In Delhi Metro, passengers spend minimum 10-15 minutes at the station
  • Good brand recall as the brand message is hardly missed by customers

• Low Clutter Media

  • High concentration zone with superior visibility
  • Displays placed symmetrically
  • Displays present aesthetic ambience

• Low Spillover and hence better ROI

  • Maximize the brand communication thrust
  • Segmentation of stations based on commuter profile and catchment area
  • The message reaches the target group it was intended for

TDI's DMRC Portfolio

  • 103 Metro Stations, spread over the Red, Blue, Green and Violet lines
  • 6 Intersection Metro Stations
  • 39 Metro Trains
  • Inside train branding | Product display spaces at Metro Station | Backlit panels at Metro Station | Train Wraps

TDI - DMRC Presentation

TDI - DMRC Presentation