Why Advertise at DMRC?

A trusted and manageable platform for Delhi Metro advertising, which assures that comprehensive coverage of advertisement is sufficed:

Wider Reach: With the range of massive footfall on the metro stations of Delhi per day, it happens to be the best mode to attract the population in shorter span of time. And with the several connectivity of 11 coded lines, Delhi metro stations are the largest existing adverting platform in the national capital.

Brand Receptivity: The visibility and sensation of the brand can be captured well. As it’s the most frequently hit public place which is encounters the regular passengers almost daily. Hence leaves a considerable impact.

Simplified Advertisements: With systematic and structured alignment of advertisements the grasping and enriching ads tends to aesthetically stimulate the visitors of metro stations.

Advantageous Deal: With lesser effort these advertisements are the suitable way to communicate the ideas and message of brand name after print media and media advertisements. Hence with insightful and maximum gain the organization stands on the win win position.

TDI’s DMRC Portfolio

With the intensive network of 103 Delhi Metro Stations, we have the coverage at the prominent lines such as Red, Violet, Green and Blue lines. metro stations across the National Capital Region, we are the most recognized name for advertisements.

TDI - DMRC Presentation

TDI - DMRC Presentation