Media Services We Offer

  • TDI Media Services, is one of the largest networked OOH agency with 18 offices across India- hence better to plan and execute national campaigns; keeping logistics, costs, efforts & time to a minimum.
  • Our emphasis is always on innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and creative consultancy, giving the most eye-catchy advertising solutions.
  • The team focuses on strategic planning to minimize spillover, increase impact and have the best utilization of resources.
  • We emphasize on quality & standardized execution of all campaigns with a fast turnaround time.
  • The dedicated monitoring team continuously work, across various cities taking care of daily requirements of execution, operation, monitoring and proactive maintenance.
  • A value added service we offer is competition tracking and post buy analysis, helping in choosing the most appropriate media for the brand representation.

An integrated focus; high quality, timely & cost effective delivery; technology & understanding of the business imperatives; project management skills & process orientation

Media Services Offered

Captivate the audience through size, placement and intensity of the messaging. Increase brand awareness and recall value.

Reach out to the maximum potential audience by increasing visibility and frequency of advertisements. Attract existing and new consumers by increasing brand awareness.

Create experiential touch-points for customers. Innovative advertising solutions that are aimed towards bringing out product USP and increasing brand recall and retention value.

Attract the audience withcreativity in brand positioning.Introduce a "wow" factor through placement, innovation and size of advertisements.