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A busy 2010 for TDI Media Services Nov 29, 2010
Aarti Chhabra, New Delhi
Sharing the secret to keep afloat Hiyav Bajaj, Director, TDI International, said, "All these campaigns are distinctively different in terms of their creatives, locations, logistics, target audience and other elements. The key to success in the 'out of home business' is use of media ambient and the campaign durations. Each and every campaign was planned out meticulously, with a great deal of accuracy and
out-of-the box thinking." Adding to this, Sanjay Dayal, AVP, TDI Media services, said, "Last quarter we have added 12 brands viz: Audi, Canara Bank, Numeric Brief, Baskin Robbins etc. There are many more in the offing. We are extremely honored to our clients, who have entrusted their faith in us and we are committed to deliver our best to achieve desire campaign objective."

TDI has covered the length and breadth of the country, covering every possible city in the country. The activity ranged from covering cities in north east for a client like Sharp to covering more than 150 cities for Hyundai.

The Diwali campaign for Videocon & Sansui LED's executed across Delhi, provides a good example here. The media mix of billboards, designer bus shelters, utilities and mall facades were used to create a perfect blend of conventional and non conventional OOH media that ensured high visibility at important junctions.


The Weston TV and Appliances campaign has also been executed keeping-up to the objectives. Here the campaign was displayed in a larger than life in more than 60 locations in North India ranging from developed towns like Lucknow, Kanpur to small and remote areas like Garh and Siyana. The Billboards were strategically placed for multiple exposures and was less than likely to escape the attention of the TG.

The agency also created an unforgettable fashion night out in DLF Emporio for their client Vogue India.


Also, TDI worked for Siemens via Airport Advertising options at the Pune airport – again the place where they could get maximum mileage, Pune, being hub of manufacturing.


Audi Cars have continued with their branding with TDI at the DLF Emporio which perfectly suited their target audience and helped them in generating leads.

Besides this TDI media services executed campaigns for Canara bank and Havells in Kolkata. High level campaign was recently done for Baskin Robins in Mumbai and Adobe in Bangalore.


Fortune Hotels has been one of the most recent campaigns executed by the agency in Gurgaon on the Metro properties for their upcoming hotel at Sohna Road.

For the record, TDI Media Services is one of the largest networked Out-of-Home Agency in the country with 20 offices nationwide. The agency in its continual quest for provision of 360 degree OOH solutions to its clients, has taken rapid strides in the last couple of years in the increasingly relevant spheres of Retail and Activation.

TDI International India forays into print advertising with Hotel Fortune Select Excalibur

Monday, 20 December 2010 09:00 (IST)
mad NEW DELHI: TDI International India Limited has forayed into print advertising with Hotel Fortune Select Excalibur as its first client . A renowned name and well established leader in out-of-home advertising and brand advertising solutions, TDI International India has expanded its advertising expertise through multiple advertising media like internet and mobile advertising recently and have now ventured into print advertising to become all emcompassing. For this, TDI has associated with Hotel Fortune Select Excalibur, one of the leaders in the category of branded, elegant, upscale, full service business hotels in India by releasing print ads in leading dailies and magazines.
Commenting on this new foray, Hiyav Bajaj, director, TDI International India Limited, said, " An integrated promotion/advertising solution is the need of the day. More and more brands are looking to embrace new means and measures of promotion with a balance mix of the conventional and new media options. With the introduction of internet and mobile advertising division (MAD) and this first step in print advertising, we offer 360 degree advertising solutions to the Brands." news
Hiyav Bajaj
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma, global head, MAD, said, "The interactivity and measurability of internet and mobile media coupled with the right mix of conventional media is a sure shot success mantra for any brand. We believe in creating value in close consultation with the clients, not only to suggest the optimum and best options, but also to devise innovative, interactive campaigns, plan, execute and service them. MAD team develops and implements an effective media plan comprising of advertising solutions as per the brief on the target group for promoting the brand and increasing product sales. MAD is a one stop shop for all the advertising needs of a brand."
Embracing top-notch opportunities of brand promotion and exploring innovative ideas to take the client's business to the next level, has become a 'signature motto' of TDI International India Limited.
TDI International / Strong Rebound

Monday, 13 December 2010 09:00 (IST)
Hiyav Bajaj, director, TDI International India Ltd
'TDI is a frontrunner in implementing world-class innovations and new technologies'

Year 2010 was a period of significant business growth and team building efforts for leading OOH group TDI International India Ltd. In the early part of the year, the group saw a sudden exodus of key team members. Hiyav Bajaj, director, TDI International India Ltd, and his team took of the challenge of rebuilding the business.
By the year end, the group has not only retraced its growth path but has set the ground for big growth in the coming years. Bajaj talks about the group's growth plans and competitive strengths in an interview to network2media's Rajiv Raghunath. Excerpts:

TDI International is one of India's foremost OOH players. How would you describe the group's growth experience over the years?

We at TDI International India Limited had to learn from our own experiences being perhaps the first ones to take a step towards an organised outdoor advertising industry. We made our presence felt on the OOH scene in India as 'Advertising Rights Concessionaire' at major international airports like Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Each time, every time our steps were pathbreaking benchmarks for the industry and for the first 15 years we added numerous airports to become a name synonymous with airport advertising. TDI expanded fiercely and aggressively to have countrywide infrastructure at 21 locations.

I must say that TDI has been blessed to foresee the potential in new emerging opportunities and has always ventured in the unknown turf repeatedly with excellent results – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, DLF Malls and a specialised outdoor agency TDI Media Services are some of the examples.

Recently TDI has also entered the Internet and mobile advertising space and forayed in print where we have handled Fortune Hotel using leading news dailies and magazines.

In fact, the current status of the company is the sum total and dedicated efforts of last 25 years of its existence. Each day of the journey has been a rewarding, learning and satisfying experience.

What are the fresh challenges that you see in the Indian OOH industry? And how are you preparing TDI International business and people for the big future?

Whilst on one hand, OOH industry is undergoing tremendous innovative changes, on the other, especially in India, uncertain environments prevail due to constant changes in government rules and regulations and absence of pre-defined standards. However, this is only a matter of time when an indigenous overall well-defined scenario evolves in the country.

The OOH media continues to undergo tremendous changes over the years - from crude wall posters and conventional hoardings, this 'most high impact low cost media' has come a long way. Today OOH media boasts of giant size facades, excellent designs of multi-face billboards to digital screens.

TDI has been a frontrunner in implementing the latest world-class innovations and new technologies and has always enhanced the skill sets of its people. We align the right resources to the right job and ensure that the standards and strict processes are followed. Our team's endeavour is to convince the clients to make OOH an essential part and parcel of any marketing spend. We actively look for new talent who can help TDI prepare for a big future ahead, coupled with aggressive future expansion plans, both from client and media acquisition perspective.

As a media owner, do you think that more regulations are called for to help the industry grow? Or would you say that there is excess regulation of the industry as of now?

Presently, OOH media in India is suffering from inter-agency/ inter-government departmental confusion. We had our share of hiccups in some media acquisitions due to various authorities and other agencies tugging at each other in all directions - but we are optimistic that a clear-cut operational procedure will emerge in the industry. We do hope that the regulators will involve all the stakeholders before finalising the regulations.

TDI has strong presence in the airport media domain. In recent years this has become a highly competitive turf. What steps would you take to strengthen and consolidate your airport media business?

Airport media continues to be our 'prima donna' field of specialisation. Yes, over the years it has become a highly competitive turf. With the privatisation of important airports such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi the owners / operators of these airports have been quick in appreciating the importance of this non-traffic revenue source. Let me hasten to add that with current presence at 13 airports throughout India including Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Goa, Pune, Kochi and others, we continue to be the leaders and pioneers in the field. The consolidation process is our ongoing activity that has over the last 25 years resulted in our countrywide presence at airports from Jammu in North to Trivandrum in South and from Ahmedabad in West to Kolkata in the East. Our strength lies in highly qualified and motivated professionals on our rolls equipped with over 25 years of experience, proven database of potential clients, including their ad budgets and state-of-art innovative hardware.

TDI Media Services is one of the leading agencies in the country. Are you seeing more brands coming to you to execute their outdoor campaigns?

Even though TDI Media Services came into being only in 2003, it has made rapid progress in ensuring its countrywide presence as a leading out of home agency including retail activation and in-shop branding. Numerous important clients such as Hyundai, Sharp, Baskin Robins, Avon, Videocon, Audi, Fortune Hotels, etc., are currently on board and numerous others are in the pipeline. With TDI's ability to offer extensive media options, media services is in an ideal position to offer best value for ad spend.

Year 2010 was a year of team building and realignments. Could you throw some light on the challenges that you confronted in meeting these goals. Would you say that you have the right people at the right places now?

TDI has always been extremely proud of its people and teams. It is indeed a factual reality that advertisement industry in general and OOH media in particular are subject to constant changes of team composition. We at TDI have also had our share of this shuffle of professionals. Yes, year 2010 has seen the emergence of a team that is by far the best and professionally most competent. The team members have set themselves ambitions, targets for year ending March 2011 and are all set to meet defined assets. TDI has a fantastic HR team that always follows best practices. This team of trainers and HR professionals always ensure that we maintain the finest team. On the management part, we are equally geared up to acknowledge and suitably award the end results.

Transit media is one of the fast growing segments in the OOH domain. How do you plan to build and strengthen your presence in this area.

TDI's very foundation is based on transit media. In fact, TDI is the acronym for 'Transit Display Innovation' and as aptly conveyed by our acronym we intend making a mark in transit media. Having achieved the leadership and pioneer status in airport media, we have extended our activities to Delhi Metro Rail and are on the constant look out for enhancement of our operations in other transit media modes. We tag a person on the move by attracting his attention through innovation and have a long lasting impact.

Where do you see TDI International in the next 3-5 years?

TDI looks forward to making a mark in the next half decade as a leading composite media operator that is known for professionalism, quality and services, delivering a complete client satisfaction. TDI owns a legacy in OOH and we will continue to be the leading voice in this space.

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Publication:Economic Times Delhi; Date:Mar 15, 2009; Section:Front Page; Page Number:1


Airport ad rates touch the sky

Cos attracted as high-profile passengers spend increased time in transit

John Sarkar NEW DELHI

OUTDOOR-ADVERTISING firms are calling them the country's biggest high streets. But you can simply call them airports. After Mumbai's Patel Bridge, which by far is India's most expensive OOH (out-ofhome) site, airports have emerged as the costliest advertising spots in the country. Be it Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, Kolkata's Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport or Chennai's Intl Airport, OOH firms are charging a bomb for these high-flying ad sites.

For instance, compared to Rs 60,000 per month for a popular bus shelter in Chennai, TDI International India charges anything between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 11 lakh for a OOH site at Chennai Airport. Says Hiyav Bajaj, director of TDI, which owns the OOH advertising rights for both Chennai and Kolkata airports: "There is a similar trend in other cities as well. Even for Kolkata Airport we charge anything between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 10 lakh. No other OOH site in the city comes even close."

And then, Sundar Hemrajani, MD of Times OOH, points out that Indira Gandhi International Airport is the most expensive outdoor advertising site in the Capital. "We charge around Rs 15-20 lakh per month for it," reveals Hemrajani, and he further goes on to say that the OOH site that comes next on the list commands only around Rs 5-6 lakh per month.

So, what do airports have that others don't? "Rich people," Hemrajani replies. "The only exception to this rule is Mumbai's Patel Bridge for which we charge around Rs 16 lakh for a one-way 10-day slot. But while slow moving traffic and 3-4 lakh vehicles per day do

the trick for Patel Bridge, it's the quality of the audience in airports that jacks up the price." And then Hemrajani provides data to prove it.

Sample this: Research shows that around 90% of the people passing through airports belong to SEC A. Around 71% of them spend one hour or more at the airport, prior to departure. And even after arrival, the same number of people spends 30 minutes or more at airports.

This shows that airline travellers have a voracious appetite for outdoor media with more than 75% of them noticing airport signs and advertising displays. Couple this with around 230 lakh passengers passing through just Mumbai Airport every year, and you have an upscale and captive audience that can be milked by various luxury and entertainment brands. But then, there is a catch as well.

Outdoor advertising firms unanimously agree that despite a healthy growth rate, the Rs 1,600-crore domestic OOH industry is currently witnessing a dip in occupancy rates. Billboards, which form 60% of the total market, have been the worst hit with street furniture such as bus shelters close on its heels. "This is because real estate, IT, hospitality and some automobile companies have stopped advertising now," Pramod Bhandula, MD, JC Decaux India says. "The sectors that are still going strong are telecommunications, FMCG, retail, finance and government spends."

But at the same time, other OOH firms also point out that OOH industry has seen a significant dip in advertising by international banks and insurance firms as well. No rate cuts for upmarket sites

ANISHA Motwani, executive V-P, marketing & chief marketing officer-new markets SBU at Max New York Life Insurance, agrees. "It's true. Even I have observed it. Everything now is pointing towards nationalisation."

So where does this leave OOH firms? Surprisingly, most of them haven't slashed rates for their upmarket sites. "Though overall outdoor-advertising occupancy in Mumbai has dropped below 30%, we haven't dropped our rates for Patel Bridge or even Delhi Airport," Hemrajani says. Put another way: Hemrajani and his contemporaries are busy sealing long-term contracts, providing value additions to clients and innovating.

Says TDI's Bajaj: "The trick is to offer the best possible solutions to clients and also offer them better packaged deals. For instance, at Cochin Airport, we are using strollers, 360-degree trivisions and 20 feet by 20 feet cubes to promote Aircel." But amidst all this, one bare fact has raised its head. The airport runway is no longer a boring strip of tarmac. Now the most important main street for the domestic OOH industry and its clients, it has become a super ramp for brands to take off.