TDI Chairman
Prem Bajaj, Chairman
Mr Prem Bajaj is the Chairman and Founder of TDI. He is a visionary entrepreneur who pioneered organised airport advertising in India in 1986, by bidding for and winning all key airport concessions. Mr Bajaj has over two decades of experience in outdoor and airport advertising and has been instrumental in helping TDI achieve its position of market leadership today. Mr Bajaj has previously served as a Director on the Boards of the Paradeep and Kandla Port Trusts and the National Highways Authority of India, and enjoys strong relationships with both central and state governments. Mr Bajaj holds a Graduate Degree in Commerce from Delhi University.
TDI Director
Hiyav Bajaj, Managing Director
Hiyav Bajaj is the Managing Director of TDI. He oversees the overall execution of operations at TDI and is also responsible for outlining the company's long-term growth strategy. Hiyav has been instrumental in the setting up of TDI's online advertising platform and enjoys strong relationships with some of India's most prominent advertisers. Hiyav holds a Master's Degree in Accounting, Finance and Management.
Praveen Bhan, Chief Operating Officer
Praveen Bhan is the Chief Operating Officer of TDI. Praveen is a veteran of the aviation industry with over 35 years of experience in aviation management at major metro airports, and relies on this experience to oversee the day to day operations at TDI. Praveen has previously served in senior management capacities at the Airports Authority of India and Rasal Khaimah Airport, UAE. Praveen is a qualified Chartered Accountant.
Jatinder Singh, Senior Vice President
Qualified with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Jatinder comes with a prior rich experience in senior sales and marketing positions in multinational and public sector companies of repute. He has been instrumental in developing highly successful sales teams and widening company’s clientele across all verticals. He is also credited with launching and growing Delhi Metro vertical to a dominant positions, with TDI today successfully holding advertising rights for 73 Metro Stations.
Vinod Kumar, Vice President
Holding a master’s degree in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing, Vinod comes with rich and extensive domain knowledge of over 17 years in Outdoor Advertising Industry. Along with great expertise in agency business, he has been instrumental in scaling up business across various Airports in South, and has successfully transformed territories in to high performing units.
Ajay Rajpal, General Manager Finance & Accounts
Ajay Rajpal is the General Manager Finance & Accounts of TDI. With over 15 years of experience in finance, accounting and banking relations, Ajay is responsible for the day to day operations of TDI's finance function. Ajay also plays an important role in the execution of the company's long-term growth strategy by taking the lead in all corporate planning and restructuring related matters. Ajay is a qualified Chartered Accountant.
TDI Global Head
Sanjay Sharma, Global Head – Internet & Mobile Advertising (MAD)
Sanjay Sharma heads “MAD” – The Internet & Mobile Advertising division and is responsible for partnerships with Alibaba.com (India’s first Channel Partner), Google and Yahoo. He has about 28 years, of experience across the Technology, Telecom, ITES and Advertising sectors, having previously worked at Bharti Telesoft, Reliance Communications and BPL. Sanjay holds a Graduate Degree in Electronics and Industrial Electronics from Pune University.